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Welcome to New York City Park Advocates

Parks, open space, and public recreation programs play an important role in both the physical and mental health of New Yorkers. However, for decades, the city, state and federal governments have allocated a fraction of the funds needed to adequately sustain these vital services. This has resulted in an alarming decrease in maintenance, safety and public recreation programs.

One of NYCPA's major goals is to create broad, citywide connections between the general public, community groups and stake holders in order to create a unified advocasy voice. Helping the public understand that the issues directly affecting them are in fact relevant to a citywide audience is pivotal in the creation of a strategic alliance of supporters and activists. There are strength in numbers. Click here.

NYC Park Advocates, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan watchdog group dedicated to restoring public funding, improving public parks, increasing public recreation programs, expanding open space and accessibility, and achieving the equitable distribution of these vital services in New York City for all. We are the only non-profit park advocacy group dedicated to City, State and Federal parkland in New York City.

Click here for more information on NYC Park Advocates, Inc.,