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Problem with a Park

Problem with a Park

Comment/complaint about parks, open spaces.

Is there an issue you'd like us to look into? Is there something broken in your neighborhood park, or a service that is not being delivered? Are you having problems getting your elected or public officials to remedy a situation? Have you already contacted 311 and need help getting your issue resolved? We may be able to help. We need your help to help to identify park, open spaces and environmental issues that affect your community. We need tips from communities in the five Boroughs. We rely on information provided by neighborhood residents, community activists, volunteers, park workers and public officials. Call us at (212) 987-0565 or E-mail us at

If you are reporting sensitive information, and require confidentiality, please indicate this so that we may protect you.


Call 311 first. Report the nature and location of the problem to the operator.  This process can take between five and ten minutes. Please be patient. Before you end the call, it is important to obtain a service request number, or confirmation number, from the operator. An example of this number is:  C1-1-1151683182.   Please send this number to NYC Park Advocates via mail or e-mail, so that we can keep track the effectiveness of the city's response. This will also help us measure the effectiveness of our outreach. Please be persistent in calling 311 if no action is taken in a timely manner.

Here are just a few examples of the types of issues that should be reported.

Locked bathroom, insufficient bathroom supplies, broken water fountain; damaged playground equipment, hazards on the ground/pavement/ sidewalks that might cause someone to trip; lack of handicapped accessible facilities; litter, illegal dumping; out of service sprinklers;  ball fields without grass, barren meadows, invasive vines on trees; erosion, unlit lampposts, broken benches; dog feces; illegal activities- drug use or sale, prostitution,  vendors etc.