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We Need Your Help!

NYC Park Advocates, Inc. is the city's only independent watchdog group for all city, state and federal parklands and open space in NYC.

Your contributions allow us to monitor these vital public spaces, conduct research and help us advocate for better services with local, state and federal officials.

You can use your credit card or checking account to

$15 Student $25 Individual
$50 Organization $100 Friend
$150 Patron $200 Sponsor
$500 Protector $1000 Corporate Sponsor
$5000 Stewardship Benefactor    $Other

Please Note: PayPal charges 2.9 % + 30ยข for each transaction. If you wish NYC Park Advocates to receive the full amount of your donation, please mail a check to:
Geoffrey Croft
NYC Park Advocates
222 East 93rd Street -Suite 40H
New York, NY 10128

If you wish to be updated on park and open space news please Join Us.